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Hello Rampagers,

Welcome to Robo Rampage, an NFT blockchain-based game pitting Rampager against Rampager in a strategy battle.

Collect. Build. Destroy.

Players collect robots (Rampagers). Improve their Rampager by adding weapons, armor, driving skills, and other items, owning every piece of their Rampager as a collectible asset.

The goal is to build the best damn robot you can assemble. Once it’s ready, there’s no working together to bring peace to the universe and build a community of harmony.

The time is upon you to seek out your opponents and destroy them!

Robo Rampage consists of two components: A Strategy Fighting Game and a Collectible Game.

Rampagers challenge random opponents or a specific user, seeking to defeat them and own a piece of their fallen enemy forever. But be careful; losing a battle may mean losing a piece of your Rampager. And what’s gone is gone for good.

If one opponent isn’t enough, throw your hat in the ring against nine other competitors in a winner-take-all Robo Royale.


August thru September 2021 – Reveal of the Premium XenoBot Robots

September 2021 – XenoBot Mint Event

October 2021 – Alpha Released

November 2021 – Beta Released

November 2021 – Pack Drop

December 2021 – Arena Pad Sale

December 2021 – Public Game Release

Q1 2022 – Release Phase 2 NFTs

Q1 2022 – Introduce Welding

Q1 2022 – Introduce Active Arena Pads/Booby Traps

Q2 2022 – Introduce Knock Out Tournaments & Private Leagues

Q2 2022 – Release Phase 3 NFTs

Q3 2022 – Introduce NanoScrap in-game Currency (SCRAP Token)

Q3 2022 – Introduce NFT Lending of XenoBots & Enhancements


6,000 Premiere XenoBot Rampagers

The first available collection (referred to as XenoBot Phase 1 Mint) will be composed of 6,000 robots of various XenoBots and rarities. Not all XenoBots will have the same rarity scale.


  • 50% Aluminum 3,000
  • 30% Copper 1,800
  • 12% Silver 720
  • 6% Gold 360
  • 2% Titanium 120


ROBOT DISTRIBUTION – completed over 3 phases

Phase 1    

  • Drumbot (Titanium Eligible)
  • Full Body Spinner (Titanium Eligible)
  • Sawbot
  • Spring Loaded Axe
  • Spring Loaded Flipper (Gold Eligible)
  • Vertical Spinning Disk (Gold Eligible)
  • Wedge

Phase 2    

  • Crusher
  • Horizontal Bar Spinner (Gold Eligible)
  • Horizontal Undercutter (Titanium Eligible)
  • Overhead Bar Spinner
  • Spearbot
  • Spring Loaded Hammer
  • Thwackbot

Phase 3

  • Clampbot
  • Lifter
  • Overhead Thwackbot
  • Rammer
  • ??? (Titanium Eligible)
  • ??? (Titanium Eligible)



Each Rampager will have five card stats that will potentially impact their performance during Robo Rumbles. In the future, extra stats may be added.

  • AttackThis stat determines the odds a Rampager’s attack is successful.
  • SpeedThis stat influences a Rampager’s ability to flank an opponent, evade an attack, or strike first.
  • DurabilityThe number of battles an Enhancement must be used in before it can be welded.
  • DefenseThis stat determines the ability a Rampager has to evade an attack or limit damage.
  • Health PointsThe total damage a Rampager can take before being knocked out.
  • Damage (not shown here)Base damage for a successful attack is based on a Rampager’s Rarity Type.

***Note – Attributes are based on a XenoBots rarity and fall into the ranges below. It is possible (and highly likely) that robots with the same XenoBot and same rarity will still have minor differences in their attribute scores; however, the damage range will be the same.







Health Points































All attribute scores can be increased or decreased with Enhancements.

XenoBot Enhancements – Weapons, Armor, & Other Accessories

Players can enhance their robot with MORE THAN 100 DIFFERENT accessories, including weapons, armor, driving skills, motors, batteries, defense, and more. These collectibles belong to the owner and can be sold on the marketplace or used in the game.

Each enhancement will increase or decrease an attribute, so strategy and planning are essential.

Rampagers can access their XenoBot Enhancements through the Inventory Portal in the game.

Each XenoBot can be enhanced with either four, six, or eight accessories, depending on the bot. There are maximum limits for each accessory:

  • 2 Weapons
  • 1 Armor
  • 2 Defenses
  • 2 Driving Skills
  • 1 Wildcard (an Enhancement from any category except Armor)

 Mint Premiere

Collectors will have the opportunity to mint 6,000 premium Rampager XenoBots this fall. Each Rampager  XenoBot is a robot with an attached weapon, bolstering attack, speed, defense, and/or hit points. This weapon cannot be lost in battle. It is part of the robot itself. The Rampager, along with the weapon, is owned and can be sold on the marketplace, but they are a single NFT and always stay together.

Type:              Premier XenoBot Robot

Cost:               0.044 ETH

Content:         1x XenoBot with a weapon (Distribution broken out above)

The Mint Premiere Event is anticipated to take place during Q3 2021. Users will be limited to minting 10 Premiere XenoBots at the event. The event will occur on the web at

A queue or white list may be established an hour before the minting event. Fifteen minutes before minting begins, those waiting in the queue or on the white list will be randomly assigned a position. Once the mint opens, users will have a full day to mint their Rampager XenoBot or be removed from the line. Using random assignment provides an equal opportunity for everyone to mint a Rampager XenoBot during the event.


Collectors will have the opportunity to buy three different packs, one to fit every budget, each offering a different number of NFTs and a minimum rarity level.

Type:          Base Metal Packs                  Rare Metal Packs                  Noble Metal Packs

Cost:            .01 ETH                                   .03 ETH                                  .08 ETH

Content:     1x Copper or better               2x Silver or better                 2x Gold or better*

                    1x Aluminum or better    1x Aluminum or better     2x Aluminum+

# Available:       25,000                               15,000                               5,000

                                                                                          *Includes Arena Pads


Game Play

Rampagers can fight friend or foe. Players can enter the Arena portal and choose a RoboDome. They will be randomly matched with an opponent. In order to maintain fairness, a Rampager can only battle an opponent whose rank is no more than one higher or lower than the Rampager. Alternatively, a Rampager can issue a challenge to a specific user or be challenged by another user. Acceptance of that challenge will be considered a match.

Once a match is made, Rampagers will be given up to 60 seconds to analyze their opponent. Once they click “PREPARE,” they will have another 60 seconds to swap out equipped Enhancements with unequipped Enhancements they hold in their inventory if they believe it will increase their chances to destroy an opponent along with their strategy. Strategies include, but may not be limited to:

-BLITZKRIEG ANNIHILATION (All Out Attack) – Strategy focused on a constant attack approach. Increase attack attribute while decreasing defense

-DEEP DEFENSE (Run and Hide) – Strategy focused on a constant defense approach. Increase defense while decreasing attack attributes

-BAIT & SWITCH (Feigned Retreat) – Strategy focused on short attack bursts followed by quick retreats.

-COUNTER ATTACK (Dodge & Punch) – Less aggressive attack strategy where Rampager only attacks after it has been attacked

-FLANK (Get Beside/Behind) – Strategy based on speed, getting into position either behind or beside opponent to increase attack potential

-CHOKE POINT (Arena Assist) – Strategy focuses on positioning opposing Rampager so it is damaged by Arena Booby Traps

Each strategy will increase or decrease attack and defense attributes. Matching proper Enhancements with each strategy may be the difference between victory and annihilation.

Once finished, the Rampager clicks “FIGHT.”

The animated fight continues until a winner is declared by knockout. A knockout occurs when a robot’s health points are reduced to zero or the robot is propelled out of the arena. Duck! 


Rampagers will have various opportunities to earn rewards using their strategy and skill.

  1. The Robo Overlords (the creators of Robo Rampage) will host various tournaments, offering NFTs to the last Rampager standing along with other pre-announced accomplishments like the fastest knockout, most damage, and highest finish for the bot with the lowest rarity.
  2. Rampagers have the opportunity to collect a random accessory NFT from their opponents in 1-vs.-1 battles as well as the 10-bot Robo Royales.

All in-game assets will be non-fungible tokens (NFT) supporting the ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 standards. Rampagers own their assets and may sell them on secondary markets. In the future, players may have the ability to trade them in-game. Following Play-to-earn principles, Rampagers may earn in-game assets through gameplay, tournaments, and future challenges.

Free Play

Robo Rampage will award the first 5,000 users to join the community a complementary base XenoBot and one random accessory NFT with a Aluminum or Copper rarity level. The next 5,000 users will receive a complimentary base XenoBot. These bots can be used to battle and cannot be lost in matches.

Arenas & Booby Traps

Rampagers have more to worry about than just the robot they face in the arena.

Players will have the opportunity to collect pads on the arena floor, walls, and ceiling. These limited-edition Arena NFTs enable an owner to place a Booby Trap inside the battle arena. Less than 1000 will be available! Additionally, each arena is themed (outer space shown here), and a holder of an outer spaced themed NFT not affiliated with Robo Rampage can win an Observation Arena Pad for no cost. These holders have a chance of catching a Rampager NFT drop. Odds are lower than an in arena spot but can be increased by adding a Booby Trap to their pad.

If a Trap damages a robot during battle, the Arena Pad owner becomes eligible for a random NFT drop. If a Trap launches a kill shot during battle, the Arena Pad owner will receive a random NFT. Observation Arena Pads cannot perform a kill shot.

Arena Pads can be acquired through auction, in the marketplace, from the Premiere Mint Event, and in Noble Metal Packs. Booby Traps can be in Basic, Rare, and Noble Metal packs as well as in the marketplace.

Arena Pad owners will also participate in the fees generated from any paid tournament that occur in the Arenas where they hold partial ownership.


Rampagers will have the opportunity, for a small charge, to:

  1. Power up existing Enhancement (NFTs) that have met or exceeded Durability usage requirements or
  2. A selection of random Enhancements announced by our Robo Overlords

to “weld” a new, collectible Enhancement NFT that will draw attributes from the existing collectible Enhancements, but the outcome may not always be completely predictable. The result may be a slightly upgraded version of one or the melted down items or it could be a new, never-before-seen weapon, armor, or accessory collectible fully usable for your Rampager XenoBot.

Experimental Facility (Lending Facility)

The Robo Overlords understand weak and feeble humans need their disgusting habit of sleep. Although XenoBots and Enhancements may require short cool down periods, they can continue battling while their Rampager (owner) sleeps.

Rampagers can stake their XenoBots and Enhancements with the Robo Overlords in the Experimental Facility for a period of 24 to 72 hours.

For a small fee, shared by the NFT owner and the Robo Overlords, other Rampagers may borrow XenoBots or Enhancements from the Facility and test them out in battles. Those battles occur in a Scrimmage Arena, where NFTs cannot be won or lost. Rank matching is more relaxed, so Rampagers in the Scrimmage Arena can battle a wider variety of opponents and test out new strategies or different Enhancements on their XenoBots they currently do not own.


In the near future, Robo Rampage will introduce NanoScrap (SCRAP), an in-game token currency that Rampagers will be able to earn through battles, tournaments, and league participation. SCRAP can be used to upgrade Enhancements, as tournament entry fees, and to purchase Base Metal and Rare Metal packs plus other uses the Robo Overlords will announce as time passes.


For those craving some competitive fun for bragging rights only, public leagues will be available to join. Leagues of six and eight Rampagers will be open initially with a goal of adding ten team, twelve team, and private leagues by the end of Q2 2022.

In league play, Rampagers will battle each other in a round robin season with the top two record holders battling it out to be the league champion.

Knockout Tournaments

KNOCKOUT – Win or go home. There is no second place in Rampager Knockout tournaments. Sixteen Rampagers are paired randomly at the start of the tournament. The rules are simple: win and move on. Lose and you are out. Last Rampager standing will be crowned King of the Scrap Heap.

Tournaments will range from $1 to $5 to enter with a Silver, Gold, or Titanium rarity collectible NFT waiting for the King.

STOCKYARD BRAWL KNOCKOUT – Another win or go home tournament, but with a twist. The only thing Rampagers bring to this battle is a small entry fee. Once the tournament begins, every Rampager will get to choose their XenoBot and 8 Enhancements from the community pot over 40+ Enhancements. After all, sharing is caring. More than one Rampager can select the same XenoBot or the same Enhancement.

Rampagers will have five minutes to assemble their XenoBot using 4 of their selected Enhancements before the tournament begins. Each fight will follow the Game Play rules, and fights will continue until only one Rampager remains.

FREE FOR ALL – Robo Rampage will also host free tournaments based on ranks during which Rampagers play to earn in-game assets. Winning the tournament will not be a requirement to earn a collectible asset, but to the victor go the best spoils.

Acquisition and Sale of Collectibles

Rampagers will be able to acquire XenoBots, XenoBot Enhancements, Booby Traps, and Arena pads using a MetaMask wallet. OpenSea will be linked, allowing for buying, selling, or auctioning of a collectable NFT asset.

Stats/Hall of Fame

Whether you are a casual Rampager or a hard-core battle veteran, you can check out your conquests and scars, including your win-loss record, fastest knockout, and longest win streak. The best of the best will be elevated to the Robo Rampage Hall of Fame.



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